Software Development
Software Wizards specializes in developing customized solutions for your business that helps you give an edge over your competitors. We use latest and universally accepted technologies such as .NET and PHP to develop these softwares for you
Our Expertise include
Developing Business to Customer (B2C) Applications with Shopping carts, Credit Card validation and integration with 3rd party applications.
Developing Business to Business Portals providing services, Inegration with legacy Applications and 3rd party APIs
Developing Static Websites for the customers to promote their business on the web
Dynamic websites with integration to Content Management Systems
Publishing related projects like Print Publishing, Web to print systems, Reverse publishing, Adbooking systems, Classified and Display Systems, Editorial systems, Integration with SAP etc.
Content Management Systems, Digital Asset Management Systems
Database Business Applications
Distributed Client Server Applications
Intranet Applications
Development of customized windows and web services